Friday, 15 January 2010

ecos dub

groovy vibes in the woods whilst the gaffers in Thailand doing a tantric yoga course. But what the devil is tantric yoga? Is it ethical to have a vegan dog? And is it ok to poo in the woods if everybody else is doing it?

1 comment:

  1. diggin the grainy wood grooves!
    groove on diggin the woods with you!
    dig your woody engraving!

    tantric yoga is beneficial to woodworking. it trains one how to maintain ones tools in order to produce wonderful effects with long lasting durable hard woods.

    no doubt regular/tantric yoga also helps one sustain positions ideal to poo in the woods - one yoga postion involving a lowdown squat position is coincidentally named 'bear in the woods'

    vegan dog poo is surely more ethical than meaty dog/human poo, i know which one i'd rather have on my shoe

    back into the earth it goes to continue that cycle of life!

    big leafy love
    jen of the dogwood clan