Thursday, 15 September 2011

Heads Roll

Dear Trof Bar

I have just spoken to Imran, my extremely understanding landlord and he's told me that I can't pay my rent with falafel sandwiches and 'really good publicity for my art work'. Im afraid this means that you might have to pay me in cash instead.

Im sorry if this is a real inconvenience for you because owning all four bars and charging £3.70 for a pint of strongbow must make you very poor and I can understand that you must have to cut down on your overheads somewhere.

Best regards,

Struggling Artist


  1. You should go under cover of darkness and graffiti your own artwork with vulgar genitals if they don't pay you.

    I didn't see your artist statement at the Warrington exhibition last night. I guess that means you are working on a real masterpiece!

  2. Ahh the old 'good for your career line'.. How many times do artists hear this bullsh*t!?

    The wall looks amazing..

    Drinking at Trof is no longer an option....

  3. jenny from the block27 September 2011 at 00:24

    Trof are bastards!

  4. Nice work their Loz, shame about Trof being dicks.